4th Floor, VNT Tower Building
19 Nguyen Trai
Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi

Email: tonkindesign@gmail.com
Tonkin is a registered trademark of JSC design consultants Tonkin. We operate on the following areas:
* Consultancy for the project;
* Consulting architectural design;
* Consulting structural design;
* Consulting designed the technical systems (M & E);
* Consulting estimating construction;
* Project management;
* The construction works;
* Design and construction of furniture;
* Investment in construction
   With a team of employees consisting of economists, architects, engineers, artists and designers experienced and enthusiastic. Tonkin believes in the ability to provide the best service for customers in the fields of their activities.
   For your project succeed and be effective, you need to have a design team not only technical knowledge but also the enthusiasm and truly understand the wants as well as your thoughts.
    The design philosophy of Tonkin very simple, it is always a good listener and deeply interested investor demand for the investor to succeed perfect for the project. The design philosophy that ISO: 9001-2000 helped Tonkin successful consulting projects in various planning, civil engineering, industrial, interior-exterior and construction and installation across territorial Vietnam.
    Tonkin as these are one of the leading consulting firms in Vietnam, said it would gain the trust and satisfaction of the investor when choosing Tonkin partner for their projects.

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